Photo of CK Chatterton taken in 1947

"I paint sunlight,
blue skies
and houses
I like them."

C.K. Chatterton, c. 1947

"Chatterton must be reckoned among the indigenous -- and important -- American painters. Unlike many artists to whom the subject is merely an excuse for technical exercise or esthetic experiment, Mr. Chatterton sees the white houses, the tall elms and dusty streets of New England towns as the important things in a picture ... this sentiment of place is supported by a strong, forthright technique."
-- The New York Times

"Mr. Chatterton's point of view is characterized by certain serene enjoyment of actualities that amounts almost to a philosophy of life. His pictures of New England villages and streets, of meadows and trees and white meeting houses induce something of the same reaction that one gets from reading Thoreau and Emerson."
-- The New York American

"Mr. Chatterton finds in the winding roads and thickly sown houses of these old New England towns stimulating material for vigorous design -- big masses of thrusting houses integrated with the curves and rounding surfaces of natural forms in harmonious effect ... Mr. Chatterton's work establishes him as a serious painter whose powers of observations are remarkably seconded by a thorough penetration of the character of the things he paints."
-- The New York Evening Post

"The problem of light has always been of prime importance to Chatterton. He has begun to accentuate the poetry of light, unifying its various elements into a mellow whole ... For my own part ... Chatterton may be counted among the five leading realists of the day, three of the others being Charles Burchfield, Edward Hopper and Rockwell Kent."
-- Malcolm Vaughan in The New York America